New Ultem, TR90 and Titanium Frames from Vivid Eyewear

Posted by Steve Mower on 15th Dec 2016

Light-weight frames are all the rage with new materials like Ultem and TR90. We are now offering new lines from Vivid Eyewear, a small, privately owned company that has been offering high quality, affordable eyeglass frames in the U.S for decades. 

Vivid Ultem: Ultem is very light in weight, lighter than titanium! It is also extremely flexible and durable as well as hypoallergenic. We introduced the LouisLuso Ultem line last year and the manufacturer is still having major problems keeping up with demand. They are fantastic frames but take an average of 2 to 3 weeks to come in.

Because the LouisLuso frames have had back order issues we have been searching for sources for similar Ultem styles that are more readily available. Introducing the Vivid Ultem Collection! Very similar styles to LouisLuso with thin frames, great colors, and a selection that includes nose pads. They are made of top grade Ultem and are priced at $99.00, $60.00 less than the LouisLuso styles!

Vivid TR90: See the new Vivid TR90 Collection for top quality, light-weight and durable TR90 styles. Most of these styles feature soft matte colors in basic black, brown, and tortoise but also fun color combos and styles for men and women. TR90 is also hypoallergenic.

Vivid Beta Titanium: Lightweight and flexible beta titanium metal styles. We are offering a few styles for men and women. 

See all of the new Vivid Eyewear styles.


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