New Photo Grey AR Lens Option

Posted by Steve Mower on 9th Jan 2017

You can now get our Mojo Polycarbonate lenses in Photo Grey AR! 

Our Photo Grey AR lenses lighten and darken based on the amount of UV light they are absorbing. Indoors they have a light, 1% grey tint. Outdoors they can darken up to about an 80% tint depth. These lenses are polycarbonate with a UV400 filter and include a high quality AR coating that pulls more light into the lenses reducing glare, but also helping the lenses to activate (lighten and darken) faster. 

The lenses also include a hydrophobic coating that makes them smudge resistant and easier to keep clean.

While they are not specifically designed to filter blue light, they do reduce some of that type of glare and reduce reflected glare from the surface of the lenses. If you are in and out of doors a lot and need good glare protection and don't want to keep switching readers, this is a great option for you.

Photo Grey AR is a lens option available at the very bottom of our Option List on each product page for $65.00. It is available as a lens option for readers as well as for single vision prescription reading, intermediate, or distance vision glasses. (+$10.00 Rx Fee)

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