New Metro and Fresco Lines from Vivid Eyewear

Posted by Steve Mower on 16th Dec 2016

We have introduced 2 more new lines from Vivid Eyewear. The first is the Metro Collection which consists of styles for men and women priced at $49.00 in acetate with spring hinges. The Vivid Metro line is a nice collection of classic, retro, and fashion frames. 

The second new line from Vivid Eyewear is a small collection of frames in their Fresco line that consist of slim styles for women with very nice color treatments and temple designs. These are perfect for women that want style and frame shapes that are easy to see over.

Check out all of the recent Vivid styles-

Vivid Metro Collection - Value priced plastic styles with spring hinges for men and women.

Vivid Fresco Collection - Value priced slim styles for women with great detailing and spring hinges.

and just recently introduced:

Vivid 3000 Beta Titanium Collection - Lightweight titanium styles for men and women.

Vivid 2000 Ultem Collection - Ultra-light Ultem frames for men and women. Very similar to the LouisLuso line but $60.00 less and you get them faster!

Vivid 200 TR90 Collection - Lightweight styles for men and women in soft matte colors.

Much more coming soon!

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