New Lines New Styles - LOUISLUSO, Laghu and more!

Posted by Steve and Rhonda Mower on 19th Jan 2016

We are starting off the new year with a bang! We have two new lines and many new styles in existing lines for your perusal.

New Line: LOUISLUSO - the lightest eyeglass frames in the world!

The frames in the LOUISLUSO line are made of an innovative new material called ULTEM. ULTEM is a very light weight plastic. It is lighter than titanium and like titanium is hypoallergenic. It is also extremely flexible and durable. They come in a wide variety of sizes and colors with classic and clean shapes.

We offer them with our MojoPoly lenses for $159.00 in powers from zero to +4.00 in either eye and all of our blue block and tint options. These are prescription frames so if you need your Rx filled, no problem. 

Learn about and see the LOUISLUSO line now!

New Line: LAGHU - Affordable fashion frames for men. Priced at $69.00, these styles include unique details in classic shapes in sizes from medium large to extra large. They are very cool.

  See the LAGHU line now!

New Styles: We have many new styles for 2016 in our New Fogey, PRIME, beWild and CLASSICS lines. You can surf our Brands or see all of our latest releases here.

There is much more coming soon!

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