NEW! Duralumin ABBR Collection from LOUISLUSO

NEW! Duralumin ABBR Collection from LOUISLUSO

Posted by Steve Mower on 24th Jun 2019

LOUISLUSO's has a new luxury line of metal frames!

LOUISLUSO makes the worlds lightest and best Ultem frames. Ultem is a very light and flexible material. Duralumin is a new metal material which combines aluminum alloy, copper, and precious metals like silver. It is very lightweight, durable, and hypoallergenic. The ABBR series is limited so far to 5 styles in small to small medium sizes. The frames have unique detailing like 'twisted' temples and retro-styling. 

As noted this is a luxury line. LOUISLUSO sets all of their prices at MSRP and we cannot reduce them, though you can redeem reward points and get discounts with our multiple-pair sales. They are priced at $349.00 per pair (gulp!) and they tell me they contain absolutely no unicorn horn!


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