Need Prescription Lenses?

Posted by Steve Mower on 17th Oct 2016

We have made it easier to get prescription lenses. Buy reading glasses or prescription glasses on the product page.

If you just want reading glasses for up close or computer distance you can select the right and left powers and lens option, quantity, and then check out. 

Alternatively, if you want prescription lenses, we now offer the ability to select the distance vision you want, near, intermediate, or distance, and upload your Rx and PD right on the product page. (If we already have your Rx on file click "Use my latest Rx you have on file.")

Obviously there are benefits to using a prescription. In many cases people have correction for astigmatism. In other cases people are using their Rx to order readers and are doing it wrong! Incorporating your PD measurement makes the optical centers line up properly in front of your eyes.

Getting prescription lenses costs only $10.00 more. If you have a very high prescription and need extra thin lenses or a different type of lens like photochromic or polarized, we can do that too. Here are a couple other resources-

Rx Prescription Eyeglasses

Non Prescription vs. Prescription Reading Glasses

Your Rx and PD

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