Happy New Year From Reading Glasses Etc!

Posted by Steve and Rhonda on 1st Jan 2018

Thank you to all of our vendors, affiliates, and most importantly, our customers, for your support. 

As a very small business (really just 2 people!) we have come a long way since 2010. We have had ups and downs and gone through many changes, but in 2017 we somehow managed to break through to the top 0.5% of websites on the internet! We are now listed in the top 1 million sites in the world! It is a very rare thing that a small "mom and pop" business breaks into the ranks where the "big boys" play.

We have a lot of goals for 2018 including introducing new products, streamlining our website, and developing ways to make it easier to shop on smart phones. There is much more but before we divulge our other goals, here is a Happy New Year! meme for your enjoyment...

Thanks from Steve and Rhonda Mower! Have a great 2018!

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