BPI 500/550 Therapy Tint -Updated Specs and Availability

Posted by Steve Mower on 3rd Feb 2017

We have received numerous requests recently for a particular lens tint from Brain Power Inc, called BPI 500/550. Here is the lowdown.

Brain Power Inc is a lens tint manufacturer. Many, but not all of our lens dyes are from BPI, and we use them in special combinations with our polycarbonate lenses to achieve the optimal blue light filtration/transmittance balance in various colors to address particular issues. Our tints are designed to protect your eyes but to also look nice and be comfortable to see through. We created the lens tints based on the latest scientific research related to computer use, computer vision syndrome, and blue light related issues.

Just so you know, there are various lens dyes that are designed to address certain health issues like migraines, pre and post cataract surgery, brain trauma, retinitus pigmentosa, night blindness, aphakia/pseudo aphakia, and many other conditions. These lens tints are typically recommended by Doctors to their patients to be used for a specific time and/or over a period of time.

One of these tints is the BPI 500/550. In plastic CR39 lenses, this dye filters UV and blue light from 500 to 550nm. BPI 500/550 is designed to address migraines, color blindness, aphakia/pseudo aphakia, post operative cataract surgery and other issues. It is a extremely high contrast lens tint.

For the vast majority of people, this lens tint filters way more blue light than is necessary. Every expert from Optometrists to research physicists in this field are saying that it is very important to protect your eyes from HEV blue light, but that some blue light is very beneficial and needed for optimal vision and overall health.

If you want the BPI 500/550 tint, please be aware:
  1. Available in full rim frames only. This option is not available in rimless frames.
  2. The lenses are CR39 plastic and are 30% thicker and heavier than our standard polycarbonate. (Not an issue unless your lens powers are over +2.50.)
  3. Available as single vision only, not bifocals or computer bifocals.
  4. Available with prescription for reading or distance. This tint is not recommended for driving!!!
  5. We tint these lenses to the fullest saturation possible. Each lens is tested before shipping.
  6. Expect an additional day to ship.

The BPI 500/550 is available as a lens option on all of our full frame styles. It is at the bottom of the Lens Option list and priced the same as our other tints @ $10.00.

About our Mojo BluBlock Therapy Orange Tint

We use the BPI 500/550 dye in addition to other dyes to produce this filter. This lens tint filters over 74% of blue light/HEV and 100% of UV light and still allows beneficial light through. The lens is polycarbonate. 

[This post was edited on 02/07/2017 to clarify the specifications of the BPI 500-550 CR39 Orange-Red tint option and to update the availability information.]

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