2019 Year-End Update | Thank You

Posted by Steve Mower on 10th Dec 2019

Steve here. We are almost at the end of this crazy, challenging year and I would like to thank some folks.


I would like to thank our regular customers. You know who you are. You helped to pull us out from under a bad situation in August of 2018 during Google's unexpected YMYL update. Without your regular business, we would not have made it to today. Your regular purchases, feedback, and reviews are helping to bring us back to where we were.

I would like to that our RGE Affiliates. We have a growing cadre of Affiliates that have spread the word about our unique offerings.

I want thank our Vendors. We work with the best and brightest independent frame and lens companies in the world. Your personal attention to our needs has been outstanding.

I especially want to thank my wife Rhonda. Rhonda and I have been married for 19 years. (20th anniversary in September 2020, cool!) Rhonda has an actual job as a senior executive with Volunteers of America. Her advice, support, and patience with my up-and-down business has been invaluable. 


Here at Reading Glasses Etc in 2019 I have managed to add hundreds of new frame styles in addition to developing and releasing 2 new Mojo BluBlock Therapy Lens Tints. I also introduced our new product reviews app and have introduced new lenses and lens add-on's.

RGE Left Facebook - Maybe a controversial move. I have never liked FB and there are many reasons that I decided to leave. Anyway, I decided that RGE did not need to be on that platform and I had no time to maintain it. I will stand by that until proven otherwise. [Update: See this page for how to completely delete your Facebook Account in 2020.]

Rhonda and I are private people. We are also very busy. We stay in touch with our friends and relatives in more traditional means like talking to people on the phone. I know, how retro! The Google (and every big org.) wants to know everything. 

Bad Stuff - Every family suffers losses and challenges. 

In late 2018 my sister Lisa had a massive heart attack and was driven to a hospital by her dear friend Greg in the middle of the night. After over 14 hours of complicated surgery, she pulled through and is doing well today. Greg is a hero. Thank you Greg.

Soon after that in December of 2018, my father fell ill. My brother Jeff and I flew to his home in Tennessee to help care for him in his last days. Thank you so much Jeff, Chizeru, and the wonderful support staff.

In October of this year my mother passed away. She was in rehab after hip surgery. My brother, sister, and other folks close to us helped us through. Thank you all so much.

Rhonda and I wish you all the best for the coming year. Stay strong, healthy, and happy!

[Updated 8/11/2020 to include link to delete your Facebook page.]

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