Custom Rimless Shapes and Sizing

ReadingGlassesEtc Custom Lens Shapes-

Shape and style- Keep in mind what you are going to use your reading glasses for. You are probably not going to be walking around with reading glasses on. Rectangular shapes are easier to see over versus rounder shapes. We designed these shapes to allow for both function and fun, but there are other considerations.



About Round and Oval Lens Shapes-

ROUND - A classic "P3" roundish shape. Note that because it is rounder, there is more space up and down in large sizes. If you go above a 52mm lens size it will tend to look "owlish". The round shape provides a great retro syle.

OVAL - (See above, less owlish in large sizes). If you need a larger size and want to keep the top line of the lenses relatively lower, go with this. The oval shape also provides a great retro syle.




About Rectangle/Square Shapes-

Usually rectangular and square shapes compliment faces with oval and rounder shapes. For reading glasses, having a flatter top helps with seeing over them. Note that the 7457 is a deeper shape than the others.




About the Half Eye Shapes-

Half Eye reading glasses are designed so that you can see over the top of the lenses easily. The lenses are usually flatter on top and the bridge and temples are positioned higher on the lens so that they sit lower relative to your eyes. The 7632 shape is our most popular; narrow and low sitting.




About Cat Eye Shapes-

Cat eye shapes are fun and complimentary shapes for women. Cat eyes tend to provide an uplifting effect.




About Facet Shapes-

Facet shapes have more angles. These shapes tend to stand out more offering a bit of style to eyewear that normally blends in.


How to Choose a Lens Size- Please choose your lens size carefully!

Choose carefully. These are custom crafted glasses. We offer a one time lens size/shape redo within 30 days of purchase.

Lens sizes are related in mm's. The measurement you see (or choose) is the horizontal distance (R/L) of one lens.

Example: The bridge width for the Readiculous Rimless1 is 18mm. Each temple extends about 4mm away from the lens. A 50mm size totals to- 4+50+19+50+4 = 127mm. (127mm = approx 5 inches)

The best way to choose, is to pick a frame size you own, or have tried on that is comfortable for you. Measure the total width of your current eyeglasses in inches. For best accuracy, measure from inside temple to inside temple. Convert to mm below:

A Chart-

ss124 (46K)

Here is a reference guide with approximate inches conversions:

Lens (mm)= Total Frame Width (inches)

  • Size 44 = 4 1/2
  • Size 46 = 4.69
  • Size 48 = 4.83
  • Size 50 = 5
  • Size 52 = 5.16
  • Size 54 = 5.32
  • Size 56 = 5 1/2

If you know the total width in inches, of eyeglasses that fit you, then just pick the lens size that most closely corresponds.

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