Mojo BluBlock Tints Details and Spectrograms

Mojo BluBlock Tints with Light Transmission Details and Spectrograms

Steve Mower - August 2018

Our innovative Mojo BluBlock Tints are designed to provide various degrees of blue light filtration depending on your particular needs. Lens tints are "filters". Let's define some terms:

The Wertheim Factor: Provides a numerical value defining the balance of UV/Total Blue Light filtration (not just HEV), and the beneficial light allowed through the lens. We want the highest Wertheim Factor and the highest blue light filtration percentage.

The tint details below may change over time as we are always improving our products. As a matter of fact, the graphs and stats below represent a minimum for each lens tint. We tint and test each lens to meet or beat these minimums, both in blue light filtration and Wertheim Factor.


Mojo BluBlock Tints  
mbbamber-datav4.jpg mojobbday-amber2.png
mbbnightyellow-datav4.jpg  mojobbnight-yellow-2.png
mbbtanmel-datav4.jpg  mojobbday-tan3.png
mbbtherapyorange-datav4.jpg  mojobbtherapy-orange60-2.png
mbbbrown20-datav4.jpg  mojobbday-brown20-2.png
mbbgrey20-datav4.jpg  mojobbday-grey20-2.png
mbbbrown40-datav4.jpg  mojobbsun-brown40-2.png
mbbbrown60-datav4.jpg  mojobbsun-brown60-2.png
mbbgrey40-datav4.jpg  mojobbsun-grey40-2.png
mbbgrey60-datav5.jpg  mojobbsun-grey60-2.png