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Round Reading Glasses

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Round eyeglass frames have been popular in one type or another since glasses have been invented, generally because it was easier to manufacture round lenses than it is other shapes. We have a great selection that include reading lenses but you can also get prescription lenses from us for only $10.00 more.

There are a few interesting things to know when shopping for round eyeglass frames. Firstly, most round shaped eyewires aren't perfectly round. Some are, like the John Varvatos 144 below-

v144-pewter.jpgSee it in our John Varvatos Collection.

This frame has a classic round shape and a "strap" bridge which has no nose pads. It comes in a 42 and 45mm eyesize with a 21mm bridge. Why am I telling you this? Because round shapes are different when it comes to how they fit your face.

Round eyeglass frames are usually sized on the low end at 42 to 46mm. This is the measurement that is used in the optical industry to desribe the horizontal length of a lens. They usually have wider bridge lengths than most frames at 19 to 25mm to help compensate for the small eye size. Some have temples that extend out from the frame front by 5 to 15mm.

In larger sizes from 47mm and up, the shapes tend to get flatter at the top. These are referred to as "P3" shapes. The benefit with P3 shapes especially in largers sizes is that you don't end up with a lot of lens up over your eyes.

What matters here is that you want to get a frame that fits the width of your face. There is no simple formula but here is a way to help determine the fit that you need- Glasses Frames -Our Sizing Information