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Rimless Reading Glasses

Sometimes less is more!

Our Rimless and Semi-Rimless Reading Glasses

Rimless reading glasses (and rimless frames, of course) have come a long way since Sillhouette introduced their revolutionary 'compression mount' design. What does 'compression mount' mean? Well, instead of screws and nuts and washers, a compression fitting consists of a much simpler, rivet-like design that holds the frame and lenses together in a much better way. (Screw-mounted rimless glasses are notorius for coming loose and falling apart.)

There are three types of rimless eyeglasses. Full rimless, top rimless, and bottom rimless....

The 3 Types of Rimless-

1. Top Rimless


Like full rimless readers, a frame that has no rim at the top provides an easier transition between viewing things far away and up close. Most top rimless frames are very functional looking. We have had a hard time finding styles that are Optical quality, affordable, and modern. We are still on the hunt!

2. Bottom Rimless

bl1041 (28K)

Bottom rimless styles are very popular. Less frame means less weight on your nose. The ability to transition between distance vision and near isn't as easy as a top rimless or a full rimless, but the styles are way cool and like most glasses, can be worn low on your nose for easier reading. Bottom rimless eyeglasses add a bit of style, less weight, and do not distract people from seeing your beautiful eyes as much as full rimmed frames.

3. Full Rimless

We have the best rimless reading glasses on the internet! Check out our exclusive line of customizable, fully rimless readers. You will not find anything else like this on the intertubes or in stores. We have surgical stainless, minimal stainless, and titanium. Check em out-

Our Customizable "Readiculous Rimless 1"

ss-123 (26K)

Our new, readiculously cool, customizable, stainless steel rimless readers! For our budget line, these are the best full rimless frames for readers we have found. They are made of surgical quality stainless steel with top quality spring hinges and are compression mounted like Sillhouette's. This frame is available in 4 colors- Gunmetal, Gold, Brown, and Silver. You can select from 6 lens shapes and multiple sizes. Anti-reflective coating is an option for computer users.

See our Readiculous Rimless 1


Our Customizable "Pure and Simple Stainless"

4700red (32K)

We take it up a notch with this really really light-weight rimless reader. The colors are great and the temples fold up for an easy 'take on and off." It has an 18mm bridge and 145mm temples and is available in 5 colors- Brown, Black, Gold, Red, and Olive and 6 great shapes. Anti-reflective coating is optional.

See our Pure and Simple Stainless




Our Customizable "Pure and Simple Titanium"

PSTitan-Quality (77K)

The best of our collection, the Pure and Simple Titanium is a hingeless, minimal design that is made from Japanese beta titanium. I have seen every Sillhouette knock-off there is. This frame is just as good in quality, color retention, and durability. The look of this frame is just like the stainless version, but the colors are, Gunmetal, Black, Brown, Silver, and Rose. AR Coating is optional.

See our Pure and Simple Titanium





Custom Rimless Guarantee- All of our custom rimless reading glasses come with a 30 Day No-Fault Guarantee and a 1 Time Shape and/or Size Change.

Start by learning how to choose the right shape and size.


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