SomniLight Red LED Night Light (2 Pack) and Amber Booklight Package


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SomniLight Red LED Night Light (2 Pack) and Amber Booklight Package - Save $10.00!

Create a comfortable nighttime environment with the combination of the SomniLight Red LED Nightlights and the Amber Book light for reading.

SomniLight red nights lights are perfect for nurseries, hallways, bathrooms, and bedrooms. Blue light emitted by standard night lights has been demonstrated to interfere with sleep patterns, particularly in young children who sleep with a night light throughout the evening. Unlike most night lights, our low-blue, native red LEDs will not interfere with melatonin production during the evening, allowing you to find your way to the bathroom or nursery in the middle of the night without interfering with your circadian rhythm. 

SomniLight red night lights feature a dawn/dusk sensor, automatically shutting off in the presence of light.

(Red night lights are most often recommended by pediatricians for nurseries and children's rooms due to the lower emission of blue light. SomniLight Red Night Lights feature miniature red LEDs, with a standard lifespan of 15 years, making replacement bulbs unnecessary. SomniLight night lights are safe and cool to the touch, making them perfect children's night lights.)

SomniLight Amber Booklight

Rechargeable (lithium ion battery!) amber book light clips to books, notepads, and e-readers to give you a relaxing evening experience. This warm book light uses specially designed amber LEDs to produce a warm color-temperature light, similar to candlelight. Like candlelight, these amber book lights emit only long wavelength light (peaking at 592 nm), free from the blue wavelengths that can disrupt sleep.

Studies suggest that the use of amber light can result in 90 minutes of increased melatonin production and up to an hour more sleep per night!

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