SomniLight Migraine Relief Glasses (Large Rx Fitover)



SomniLight Migraine Relief Glasses (Large Rx Fitover) Filters all blue light and more to 600nm.

SomniLight Migraine Rx Fitover Sunglasses can be worn over most prescription glasses and reading glasses.

Large Size: Width 152mm, Depth, 48mm Temple, 156mm

Blue wavelengths of light have been proven to both trigger and exacerbate the pain of migraine headaches. Our red migraine relief glasses are specially designed to block over 99% of blue wavelengths, both preventing and alleviating migraines. One study reported that 94% of patients experienced a reduction of migraine painwithin 10 minutes of wearing red lenses, with some patients experiencing total relief in as little as 10 seconds. Read the full research report here.

Caution: do not wear red glasses while operating a motor vehicle, as traffic lights can become difficult to distinguish.

Comes with zipper shell case.

Ships in 1-3 business days.

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