Shamir Spectrum+ Progressives Transitions Signature VII


Shamir Spectrum+ Progressives Transitions Signature VII

Dual side digitally surfaced progressives offer a very wide and comfortable range of vision. These lenses are in Transitions Signature VII which lightens and darkens based on the amount of light and UV they are exposed to. They also have Blue Zero Filter that filters 20% of HEV blue light.


  • CURRENT PRESCRIPTION AND PD (Pupilarry Distance Measurement) and

* Learn how we get these measurements below.

Transitions Signature VII lenses are clear indoors and darken quickly outdoors to a 70% depth. They are offered in Brown and Grey. Transitions Lenses do a great job at filtering HEV blue light. Learn about Transitions Lenses

Lens Material Options: Your choice of Polycarbonate or Trivex. Both materials are light weight, impact resistant, and thinner than plastic. Both have Blue Zero filter. Blue Zero lenses filter 3x the amount of blue light compared to standard lenses. Learn more about Blue Zero.

  • Polycarbonate lenses with Blue Zero filter 50% of blue light at the 415-435nm range.
  • Trivex lenses with Blue Zero filter 98% of blue light at the 415-435 range.
  • Polycarbonate lenses are slightly thinner then Trivex.
  • Trivex Lenses are slightly lighter in weight than Polycarbonate.
  • Trivex Lenses have a higher Abbe value than Polycarbonate and provide better optics.

AR Coating Options:

  • Mojo Hydro SR AR - Super hydrophobic, Scratch resistant, 1 Year Warranty. A great AR coating at a budget price.
  • Mojo Synergy UV AR - Added UV protection, Super hydrophobic, Scratch resistant, 1 Year Warranty. A great AR coating at a budget price.
  • Crizal Prevencia AR (BluBlock) - Same as the Sapphire but reflects off 20% HEV blue light before it enters the lens.


We offer our progressive lenses to U.S. customers only. As long as your shipping address is in the U.S. you're fine. This is because of the shipping costs related to your Frame Trial and Fitting Height measurement. It works like this:

  1. Order up to 2 frames for trial. Find a frame and click Add To Cart. Do not select any lens type or options.
  2. Order the lenses. Come to this page, configure the lenses, click Add To Cart.

Frame Trial and Fitting Height:

  • Once your order is placed we will ship you the frames. Try them on and see if you like them. When you decide which frame you like, take a picture of yourself with them on. (We will send you instructions. It's easy.) E-mail us the image.
  • When we get the image we will use our secure, proprietary software to obtain your PD and Fitting Height.
  • Ship the frames back to us with the enclosed pre-paid return label.
  • By the time the frames get back to us the lenses should be ready for processing. (The frame you don't want will be refunded.)
  • We process and ship the completed pair back to you.
  • All shipping is free via Priority Mail.
  • Total turn-around from order to getting your completed glasses is about 2 weeks.

If you have any questions I would be happy to consult with you. Contact Us!

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