Shamir Duo Bifocal Lenses - Xperio Polar Sun



Shamir Duo Bifocal Lenses - Xperio Polar Sun

Shamir has designed a digital free form bifocal lenses that not only gets rid of the unsightly lines but also provides smooth, clear transition from distance to reading viewing. No image jump. No distortion between distance and reading. If you cannot adapt to progressive lenses, these are for you! Read more (and see a video) about the Shamir Duo here.

Xperio Polar Sunglass Lenses are especially effective at reducing reflected glare off of wet roads, water, snow, and so on. Available in 3 colors:

  • UV Grey 3 - Very dark, neutral grey. Provides natural colors.
  • UV Brown 3 - Very dark brown. Provides a sense of increased contrast. Great as a driving lens.
  • UV G15 Grey Green - Slightly less dark than grey and brown. Neutral colors and a bit of increased contrast.


  • CURRENT PRESCRIPTION - Distance Rx with Add Power for Reading.
  • PD (Pupilarry Distance Measurement)
  • One of our full-rim frames. Minimum frame height should be 30mm. Add frame to cart without any options.

AR Coating Options: Backside AR - Cuts a lot of reflected glare from coming to your eyes off the back of the lens. Mojo Synergy UV AR - Added UV protection, Super hydrophobic, Scratch resistant, 1 Year Warranty. A great AR coating at a budget price.

If you have any questions I would be happy to consult with you. Contact Us!

Rx Lens Brand:
Rx Lens Type:
No-Line Bifocals
Lens Color:
Xperio Polor Grey,Brown,G15
30 Day Exchange. 30 Day Doctor Change. 1 Year Scratch Warranty. Crizal Prevencia 2 Year Scratch Warranty

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