MOJO BluBlock-U201 Grey



MOJO BluBlock-U201 Grey: These readers feature our most popular blue block lens options.

Frame Material: Plastic

Fit: Medium 

 lenssize-icon-2.png  bridge-icon-1.png  temple-icon-4.png  height-icon-3.png
51 16 140 32.6


Lenses: Aspheric Polycarbonate (Thinner and lighter without the coke bottle, magnifying effect) with Scratch Resistant Coating and UV400 filter.

Lens Power Options: From Zero/0.00 to +4.00 in both eyes.

Lens Options:

Mojo BluBlock AR (Anti-Reflective) Coating is a clear lens and can be worn any time of the day or night. This coating reflects off ~25% of HEV blue light. You can see blue flash reflections off of the lenses in Zoom meetings.

Mojo BluFilter with Standard AR (NEW!) is a clear lens that filters ~20% of HEV blue light. The premium AR coating does not reflect off blue light. It is great for Zoom meetings because there is no blue flash reflection. $40.00 Additional.

Mojo BluBlock Tints filter more blue light than the AR lenses do and are designed to be used in the afternoon and evening. They are very comfortable to see through...

  • MOJO BluBlock Amber Tint filters 87% HEV blue light
  • MOJO BluBlock Night Yellow Tint filters 80% HEV blue light
  • MOJO BluBlock Tan Tint filters 91% HEV blue light
  • MOJO BluBlock Brown 20 Tint filters 79% HEV blue light

Mojo BluBlock Therapy Tints filter a lot more blue light and are designed to address issues like Seasonal Effective Disorder (SAD) and severe glare/ photophobia...

  • MOJO BluBlock Therapy Orange Tint filters 97% HEV blue light
  • MOJO BluBlock Therapy Amber Tint filters 100% HEV blue light
  • MOJO BluBlock Therapy Gold Tint filters 98% HEV blue light

Comes with:

  • Soft microfiber cloth case
  • 1oz. Eyeglass Cleaner per order
  • Free Shipping (USA)

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Frame Size:
Medium (49-52mm)
30 Day No Hassle Guarantee