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Discount eyeglasses for distance vision, computer, or up-close reading.

Why should you buy your prescription eyeglasses from us? Better quality, better pricing, and get more for the money you spend.

The eyeglass frames that you see on our site are available with reading lenses included and optional add-ons like special blue block anti-reflective coatings and tints that you will not find anywhere else. For only $10.00 more you can have your prescription filled with us and take advantage of our blue block options and save a lot of money.

See our main Rx page with lens details and how to buy them with our frames.

Let's break the pricing down!

Discount Eyeglasses : the Lenses

We offer premium quality single vision lenses priced way lower than our competition and with lens add-ons you won't find anywhere else. A pair of discount eyeglasses from us will cost you less than from other sites. Here is a quick comparison using a Benelli 15314 frame as an example:

  US Them
Frame Price $79.00 $59.00
Polycarbonate Lenses Minus Powers $10.00 $57.00
Polycarbonate Lenses Plus Aspheric $10.00 N/A
Total $89.00 $116.00
Reading Glasses ETC Savings

At a minimum their glasses would cost $95.00 with cheap plastic CR39 lenses ($36.00). We don't even bother with CR39. With polycarbonate lenses theirs would be $116.00 and ours $89.00. In plus lens powers we use aspheric poly lenses which they do not even offer. Some sites charge you extra for a scratch resistant coating and/or a UV400 coating. All of our single vision lenses include both. Now it gets really interesting. Lets look at lens add-ons.

Discount Eyeglasses : Anti-reflective Coatings

Anti-reflective Coatings (AR) reduce unwanted glare and reflections. They provide better optics and look nicer and come in a wide range of quality from "basic", ie. cheap quality, which has been known to flake off over time, to better with scratch resistance, to having additional easy-to-clean hydrophobic coatings. All of the eyeglass websites we looked at offer AR coatings in a variety of types from basic to brand name coatings like Crizal and Zeiss. The average price for AR Coatings as add-ons:

  1. Basic AR for $29 - Unknown quality.
  2. Zeiss Carat for $49 - Great scratch resistance.
  3. Crizal for $69 - Scratch resistant with a hydrophobic coating.
  4. Crizal Alize for $79 - Top quality scratch resistant with a hydrophobic coating.

While coatings 2,3, and 4 are really good AR coatings, none of them reflect off blue light like our MojoPoly BluBlock AR or ApexPoly BluBlock AR-T, both of which have the same features as the high end Crizal Alize but also protect your eyes from bad blue light and cost only $15.00.

So our polycarbonate lenses with Mojo BluBlock AR= $25.00 and theirs is $136.00 and our coating reflects off bad blue light.

Reading Glasses ETC Savings +$111.00 and your eyes are protected from UV/Blue Light/HEV!

(I have not been able to find an online eyeglass store that offers a blue block AR coating. There are name brand blue block AR coatings available like the Crizal Alize Prevenzia. One of our customers asked her local optical shop about single vision polycarbonate lenses with Crizal Alize Prevenzia and was quoted a price of $399.00 per pair. Really!?)

Read about our innovative Blue Block AR Coatings.

Discount Eyeglasses : Lens Tints

While our lens tints are priced higher than most of our competitors there are a few things you should know.

  • Our competitors can only do very light tints in polycarbonate lenses, if at all.
  • Our competitors offer full tint ranges in plastic CR39 lenses but charge extra for a UV filter.
  • None of our competitors offer blue block tints.
  • Our lens dyes are organic and Eco-friendly.

Our blue block tints are specially designed to filter bad blue light while allowing beneficial light through to your eyes. Most people today that have problems with glare and opt for regular tints are missing out. It's not just the glare, it's the bad blue light from tablets, cell phones and computer screens. Our Mojo BluBlock tints address blue light and CVS issues.

Read about our new Mojo BluBlock Tints.

Our lens tints are priced at $10.00. Our competitors charge around $7.00. Even so, you still save with us!

  Us Them
Polycarbonate Lenses 10.00 $57.00
Lens Tint $10.00 $7.00
Total $20.00 $64.00
Reading Glasses ETC Savings


Reading Glasses ETC Savings +$89.00 and your eyes are protected from UV/Blue Light/HEV!

Our Discount Eyeglasses : the Frames

We have a great collection of eyeglass frames priced from $29.00 and up in every shape and style. We have worked very hard to source frames that meet our quality high standards. We price our name brand and designer frames competitively.

Our most popular frame styles are in lines like Prime., Benelli for men, and Classics for women, which run from $49.00 to $89.00. The vast majority of our frames are under $100.00. All of them are comparable to most designer frames in quality and durability.

When all is said and done you save a lot of money with us.

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