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About Blue Block

Blue Block Solutions for Computers, Tablets, and TV's. Protect Your Vision and Reduce Eye Strain.



  • Anyone that uses computers, tablets, and cell phones over 1 hour per day. (zero power, reading power, computer reading powers)
  • Anyone that watches TV over 1 hour per day. (zero power lenses or prescription for distance)
  • Anyone that has problems with glare from the newer LED street lights being installed or upgraded. (zero power or distance prescription with BluBlock AR Coatings)

Computer Screens, Tablets, Cell Phones, TV's, LED lights, and more, all emit Blue Light

Pretty much any electronic screen you are using is emitting blue light. Some of that "blue" part of the EM spectrum is damaging to your eyes. UV and HEV (High Energy Visible) blue light can damage your eyes. Also, the glare from e-screens can cause other issues as well, like insomnia, headaches, eye strain, loss of focus, and other Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS) issues. Blue light comes from other sources too:


ABOUT BLUE LIGHT - Not All Blue Light Is Bad!

Whatever you may have heard or read, not all blue light is bad. "Blue" light ranges from ~390 to ~500nm in the electromagnetic spectrum. The lower end of this area has been shown to be damaging in similar ways that UV light has been shown to be damaging.

Experts have known for decades that UV light (UV A and B) can damage cells both in your skin and in your eyes. UV light can cause skin cancer and retinal damage, among other things. Just off from UV light at ~380nm (Near UV-A), is where "blue" light starts. Both UV light and this lower spectrum blue light aren't visible to humans. 

"Blue" light from computer screens can also cause eye strain, headaches, dizziness, and loss of focus.

About Colors - Blue and other human-visible colors are illusion. Yes, that's correct. Light rays reflected off of the world around us are delivered through our eyes; lens, retinas, optical nerve, to the visual cortex of our brains. Our brains translate these light wavelengths into the colors that we perceive. Consider that some animals only see the world in grey scale and some in a wider or different spectrum than humans.

The reason I point this out is because there are many people that have latched on to the notion that the color blue is somehow bad or dangerous to their eyes. "Blue light", as a concept, is easy to relate to people, especially on click bait websites, as the New-thing-you-should-fear! (tm). It's just not accurate.  

Bad vs. Good Blue Light -

"Bad blue" light, or Near UV-A (HEV Blue Light)  has been shown to cause damage to the eyes. (Approximately from 390nm to 440nm.) "Good blue" light from ~445nm to ~500nm provides true colors and helps to regulate circadian rhythm which can help you sleep.  (These spectrum numbers are rough. They can vary a bit depending on the source, medical researchers, physicists, lens manufacturers and blue block glasses manufacturers.)

BLUE BLOCK - Our Unique Lens Options

Our innovative products protect your eyes from damaging HEV blue light, reduce glare, and alleviate CVS issues from computer screens, tablets, TV screens, and even the blue light emitting LED street lights. All of our blue block lens options provide protection from damaging HEV blue light. There are 3 types of lenses/treatments that do this:

  • CLEAR BLUE BLOCK AR LENSES - Our affordable blue light reflecting Anti-Reflective coatings, Mojo BluBlock AR and Apex BluBlock AR-T reflect off damaging blue light/HEV. Mojo BluBlock 1.6 AR and Kodak Total Blue 1.6 AR are premium lens options that combine a special lens material and state-of-the-art AR coating to provide the clearest vision and the highest blue light/HEV protection of any AR lens made today.
  • MOJO BLUBLOCK LENS TINTS - Custom blue light filtering lens tints. Mojo BluBlock Tints are formulated to provide optimal protection from damaging blue light/HEV and provide the best optics possible for light sensitive people. Our lens tints are optimized to provide great blue light protection without the overly saturated tints you find in most blue block glasses.
  • LENS TINTS WITH CUT-OFF's -For people that need full blue light filtration, we offer the BPI 500/550 CR39 Orange-Red tint as an option on all of our full frame styles. This lens tint blocks blue light from over 500nm up to 550nm.

How to choose - The right blue block option for you depends on when you wear them and how light sensitive you are. Not blue light sensitive, but light/glare sensitive. See our Blue Block Guide for help.


Shop All Reading Glasses

  1. Find a frame. Over 1000 frames to choose from.
  2. Select reading powers from Zero to +4.00 in either eye.
  3. Select your blue block lens option.
  4. If you want Prescription Lenses - Select zero power each eye, then select what type of vision you want (distance, computer, or reading) Then upload your prescription and PD.

Shop Budget Blue Block Readers for a small selection of budget priced frames with a limited selection of blue block options and same reading powers in both eyes.





Most people prefer seeing through clear lenses that don't change the colors they see, they want natural vision. Our blue block anti-reflective coatings, Mojo BluBlock AR and Apex BluBlock AR-T, both provide natural vision without color distortion. The Apex BluBlock AR-T has a very light 1% amber tint in the lenses for additional contrast, but is barely noticeable.

Anti-reflective coatings also reduce reflected glare allowing more beneficial light through to your eyes. They look nicer too. Mojo BluBlock AR and Apex BluBlock AR-T are our most popular blue block lens options.

Mojo BluBlock 1.6 AR and Kodak Total Blue 1.6 AR lenses are a combination of special lens materials and a blue block AR coating. These lenses provide superior HEV blue light protection but cost more.

Read more about BluBlock AR Coatings

MOJO BLUBLOCK TINTS - Balanced Lenses For Light Sensitive People


Our Mojo BluBlock Tints are designed to not only filter out bad blue light but to reduce glare and enhance your vision, while not having to be so intense. Mojo BluBlock Tints are named to indicate the time of day to be used and that is based on 1) contrast, and 2) glare sensitivity.

Defining just how light sensitive you are is a difficult thing to do. Some people want to reduce glare while increasing contrast and some people want to dampen glare to a more substantial degree with less contrast.

The most common mistake that people make in choosing a lens tint is going with tints that are more intense or darker than they need. Most of the blue block glasses on the market today have overly saturated tints that while protecting your eyes, block beneficial blue light, are uncomfortable to see through, and look bad too. For most people, a light tint works great.

Factors to Consider: While protecting your eyes from bad blue light is important, other factors come in to play with Computer Vision Syndrome.

  1. Proper Reading Power. It is important that the reading power you use suits the distance you are reading at. Also, if you know that you need correction for astigmatism and are cheating by not having your prescription filled, you are not getting optimal visual acuity.
  2. Accommodating your eyes to different viewing distances. Staring at a computer screen (or anything) for long periods of time without shifting your focus to other distances can effect your vision. It is recommended that you shift your focus every 10 minutes or so. This can reduce eye strain dramatically over time.
  3. External lighting sources especially at night are important and can help with glare issues.
  4. Adjusting your computer, tablet, etc... Positioning your screen properly will reduce neck strain. There are several apps available to address issues like blue light and even font color. Some web designers are going with light grey font colors which can cause eye strain for some people. Google it and see if these apps will help you.

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