The Top 10 Reasons You Need Reading Glasses


What are the Top 10 Reasons You Need Reading Glasses? Read on to see how many describe you!

Hello? I need Reading Glasses

1. You can't read this page.

2. You just cant get your lenses clean enough.

3. You need readers to find your readers.

4. Maps dont seem to be accurate anymore.

5. You use a 90-point font size on your computer and it's still not clear.

6. Your arms arent long enough to read anymore.

7. Your hand writting is getting bigger and bigger.

8. No one remembers when your style of reading glasses was popular.

9. People do remember when your style of reading glasses were popular.

10. You complain that magazine and newspaper publishers are making print smaller and smaller to save money.


Some of Your Contributions:

Reading is fun!

1. You are getting 'sun-burned' by your 500-Watt reading lamp.

2. There is tape holding your readers together.

3. There is tape on top of the tape holding your readers together.

4. You think the tape is okay because the 'Nerd" look is in.

5. Glaring over your reading glasses to instill fear now only ellicits pity.

6. Thick black magic markers are your writting implement of choice.

7. Reading used to be relaxing.

8. You feel that wearing two pairs of readers at the same time works way better.

9. You start wondering if the pictures of your kids are really pictures of YOUR kids.

10. Instead of reading your medicine bottles you just go by color.

You are thinking up some good ones right now arent you? You can submit your lists to us right here. You do not need 10, any number will do.


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