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High Quality Reading Glasses

At ReadingGlassesEtc we offer more than just your standard reader.  

While we do offer a small selection of quality pre-made readers, most of our reading glasses consist of a combination of prescription quality frames and lenses that are crafted by our Optician just like prescription glasses, but without the high prices. Most over-the-counter, pre-made readers are made with very cheap frame and lens materials that are made to be basically disposable. We do not like disposable eyewear. High quality reading glasses consist of great frames and great lenses. Check it out-


High quality reading glasses - Our Lenses

  • Material- Our single vision lenses are high grade, optical quality polycarbonate which has an inherent feature of blocking UV A and B (UV400). They are aspheric which makes them flatter, thinner, and reduces the magnifying bulge effect of thick lenses. They come with a top quality scratch-resistant coating.
  • Powers- Your power choices are from zero to +4.00 in either eye. (Unlike our pre-made readers)
  • Price- Zero. The lenses are included.

Lens Add-Ons-

  • Mojo BluBlock AR Coating is available as an option on all of our single vision reading glasses. (It's included in our Computer Reading Glasses) Mojo BluBlock AR is a anti-reflective and anti-glare lens coating that pulls the correct type of light through the lenses to your eyes, reflecting away unwanted blue light. It reduces unwanted lens reflections from computer screens, and looks a lot nicer. These lenses have a scratch resistant coating and a hydrophobic coating to make them easier to keep clean.
  • Custom Lens Tints- Not only are we the only site that offers custom tinted reading glasses, but we also offer our exclusive Mojo BluBlock Tints as a color option on our tinted readers. Mojo BluBlock Tints filter unwanted blue light and offer better contrast. Learn more.

High quality reading glasses - Our Frames

Frame Quality-

Our frames are prescription quality. Some of our styles are designer brands and some are our own brands, typically made with the same materials in the same factories. We carefully select them for durability, style and comfort. Most of our plastic frames are hand made acetate in great colors and most of them have spring hinges. Our metal frames are made of high quality nickle alloys, stainless steel or titanium. Each and every pair is inspected and alined before shipping.

Frame Styles-

We have every style under the sun from conservative to crazy. Half-eye styles? Check. Readers with clip-on shades? Check. We also offer our Custom Rimless Reading Glasses where you can make your own rimless readers. There are many frames and lens shapes and sizes to choose from. Prices run from $79.00 and up. As far as we know, you can't get anything like this anywhere else for these prices.

Pre-made Readers-

While our pre-made reader selection is fairly small, we selected these styles for great quality but they are limited to having the same power in each eye and are very much subject to availability. The lenses are typically optical quality, CR39 plastic.

High quality reading glasses with your prescription-

You can get prescription lenses in our frames. Go to our Rx page for more info.

Quality Reading Glasses - Our Service and Support

Stuff you get- Every pair of reading glasses you buy comes with a companion eyeglass case and cleaner.

All of our high quality reading glasses come with a 30 Day, No-Hassle Guarantee. Return them within 30 days for an exchange of frame and/or power, or a refund- No Problem!

We ship your reading glasses to you for free.(to our USA customers and only $5.00 per item to Canada.) You should receive them within a week to 10 days.

Guidance- Search through our Glasses Guide above for all kinds of information and advice on everything releated to reading glasses and eyeglasses in general. We have tons of great stuff on our site, from the informative to stupidly entertaining.

We are a small family business, owned and operated by a licensed Optician with over 28 years of experience. We have lots of long time, happy customers. See what they have to say.