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Clip On Reading Glasses

If you are looking for Clip On Reading Glasses; well, we do not sell them, and here is why:

Most clip-ons scratch your lenses. Some of you have asked us about clip-ons and flip-ups  and my opinion is still this: why pay a lot of money for your prescripton glasses and then pay $5.00 for a cheap pair of clip-ons that will ruin them,- WHY?.

There are other solutions: If you want a cheap reading solution for your prescription glasses, try stick-on bifocals. Stick on  bifocals are small magnifiers that literally stick onto your eyeglass lenses and yes, they are removable and will not damage your lenses. They work easily as well with presciption or non prescription glasses and sunglasses.

If you are looking for reading glasses that have Clip On Sun Glasses that will not scratch the lenses, we have these. They are designed so that the clip-ons clip to the frame and not the lenses. *(By the way, if any one out there has used, or are using clip on reading glasses, or flip up reading glasses like the ones discussed, and have not had a problem with scratches, please, by all means, let me know by e-mailing me on our Contact page.)