We now offer 2 lines of blue block reading glasses that are priced with the frame and simpler lens options.
You can choose lens powers from Zero to +4.00 in both lenses.

ZenSpex Balanced Blue Light Eyewear

ZenSpex AR and ZenSpex Night Yellow models

ZenSpex are new and consist of premium frames with either ZenSpex AR lenses or ZenSpex Night Yellow lenses.
ZenSpex AR lenses are designed for daytime wear and block 80% of HEV Blue Light.
ZenSpex Night Yellow are for evening and night wear and block 100% of HEV Blue Light.
Read more: About ZenSpex Lenses


Budget BluBlock Readers

A selection of frames and lenses with our most popular budget friendly blue block options.
2 basic blue block AR Coatings and 6 block tints to choose from.

Read more about our unique lens options.

Disclaimer: Blue block or blue light lenses are designed to reduce various levels of HEV blue light. They can
help alleviate issues like glare and eye strain. For severe glare or vision problems we strongly recommend seeing your eye doctor.