Frames with Clip-Ons

We offer a unique collection of frames with different lens types and options as well as different lens options for the clip-ons. The clip lenses that come with the frames vary from polarized sunglass lenses to clear, mirror coated lenses, to lenses with light sunglass tints. The clips with the default lenses are included in the price. Other clip lenses cost extra. You can also purchase extra clips for the frames which allows for a lot of possible combinations. The most obvious is frames with clear lenses and clip-ons with sunglass lenses. If you want a variety of blue block tints, like a clip with light amber tint during the afternoon and a clip with a darker tan tint at night, you can.


All frames and clip-ons are made of either lightweight Ultem, TR90, or Acetate.
The clip-ons are lightweight and do not add much weight when attached. 
Hypoallergenic, durable, and eco-friendly.
Reading lenses, Lined Bifocal and No-Line Bifocal Lenses, Prescription Single Vision lenses for Reading or Computer or Distance.
Clip-On lens options include Polarized, Mojo BluBlock Tints, and Cosmetic Tints.
Extra Clip-ons are only $30.00.