Budget Blue Block Readers

Affordable Blue Light Protection.

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Our Budget Blue Block Glasses include:

Single Vision Reader Lenses - Aspheric Polycarbonate
Power choices are from zero 0.00 to +4.00 in both eyes.
6 Mojo BluBlock Tints or 2 BluBlock AR Coatings.
Soft microfiber pouch that doubles as an eyeglass cleaning cloth.
Each order includes one bottle of eyeglass cleaner.
Free shipping (USA)

Want more choices? We offer over 1400 frame styles with many more lens types and options than what is available here:
Shop All Reading Glasses. You can choose the same or different R/L powers as well as way more blue block lens options.

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Disclaimer: Blue block or blue light lenses are designed to reduce various levels of HEV blue light. They can
help alleviate issues like glare and eye strain. For severe glare or vision problems we strongly recommend seeing your eye doctor.