Budget Blue Block Readers

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Affordable Blue Light Reading Glasses.

Mojo BluBlock Lenses are designed to cut HEV blue light while allowing beneficial blue light through to your eyes. These lenses are comfortable to wear and help to regulate natural circadian rhythm. 

Mojo BluBlock AR (Anti-Reflective) Coatings are clear and can be worn any time of the day or night.

Mojo BluBlock Tints block more blue light than the AR lenses do and are designed to be used in the afternoon and evening. 

Mojo BluBlock Therapy Tints filter a lot more blue light and are designed to address issues like Seasonal Effective Disorder (SAD) and severe glare/ photophobia.

This Budget Selection includes the frame, aspheric polycarbonate lenses and the AR or Tint of your choice. Lens powers are limited to Zero to +4.00 in both eyes

Want more choices? We offer over 1200 frame styles with many more lens types and options than what is available here:
Shop All Reading Glasses. You can choose the same or different R/L powers, other lens types like bifocals, as well as way more blue block lens options including Kodak Total Blue AR and other lens treatments.

Note: BPI 500 and 550 tints are no longer available in this line. You can still get them in our regular frame line-up. Learn more...

Disclaimer: Blue block or blue light lenses are designed to reduce various levels of HEV blue light. They can
help alleviate issues like glare and eye strain. For severe glare or vision problems we strongly recommend seeing your eye doctor.