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Prescription Single Vision Lenses

Natural Vision Prescription Single Vision Lenses. High quality and very affordable.

At ReadingGlassesetc we offer single vision lenses for distance vision, for intermediate (computer), or for up close reading. Our prescription lenses are offered on over 800 frame styles. Shop All Reading Glasses to get started, then filter your search. (Excluded categories are Pre-made Readers, Budget BluBlock Readers and Bifocals.)

Getting your prescription filled guarantees that you get perfect vision. Incorporating your PD measurement and correction for astigmatism if needed, can reduce eye strain and provide clearer vision. Eyeglass prescriptions can be complicated. We offer a free, no-obligation evaluation of your eyeglass prescription. If your prescription is written as Distance Vision with an Add power, we break down your Rx into distance, reading, and intermediate/computer powers and offer some helpful suggestions. 

We offer prescription bifocals, progressives and specialty lenses at Mojo Scroll to the bottom of the page for more.


1. A copy of your current eyeglass prescription (Rx)

You can take a picture of it and upload it on the product page. The image must include your doctors name and phone number and date of exam. We may need to call your eye doctor for confirmation or clarification.


2. Your PD Measurement.

Your PD is the distance in millimeters between your pupils. It can be one total number like, 61, or two numbers, one for right and left like, R30/L31. You can get this measurement in several ways:


Lenses are purchased directly on the frame's product page. MojoPoly Clear, MojoPoly with BluBlock AR, APEX Poly BluBlock AR-T, MojoPoly BluBlock Tints and Cosmetic Tints and Photo Grey AR. The additional charge for prescription lenses is only $10.00.

Step 1. Find a Frame. Once you find a frame that you like, select zero power for each eye. Add a lens option if you want one.

Step 2. Select the distance vision desired. Near vision, Intermediate, or Distance.

Step 3. Select either use Rx on file or Upload. If we have your Rx and PD on file, great, otherwise you need to upload it.

Step 4. Upload your Rx and PD. (If we do not already have it on file.)

Step 5. Select quantity, Add to cart, Check out.


MojoPoly BluBlock AR and APEX Poly BluBlock AR-T Power Range:

  • Minus Powers from zero to -6.00 sphere and -2.00 cylinder
  • Plus Powers from +0.25 to +4.00 sphere and -2.00 cylinder

MojoPoly with any tints Power Range:

  • Minus Powers from zero to -8.00 sphere and -6.00 cylinder
  • Plus Powers from +0.25 to +6.00 sphere and -6.00 cylinder

Photo Grey with AR Power Range:

  • Minus Powers from zero to -8.00 sphere and -6.00 cylinder
  • Plus Powers from +0.25 to +6.00 sphere and -6.00 cylinder



Progressive Lenses, Bifocal Lenses and Specialty Lenses at

We now offer a selection of prescription lenses for progressive and bifocal wearers as well as those needing high prescriptions. These are innovative lenses designed to address blue light and glare issues. We also offer several unique lenses for computer users and even special single vision lenses.Because we need special fitting measurements to produce these lenses we send you the frame to try on. We get the measurements remotely!

Check it out:

  • Digitally designed progressive lenses some with blue block filters built in!
  • Mojo Digital and Digital Advanced HD with Mojo BluBlock Tints!
  • No-line bifocal lenses by Shamir. The Shamir Duo does away with the unsightly lines and irritating image jump. You can order these as regular bifocals or computer bifocals.
  • Special single vision lenses. The Shamir Relax and the Eyezen+ are for distance lens wearers that don't need bifocals or progressives but want a little help with reading cell phones.
  • High plus and minus lenses with blue block options!
  • Did you know that Transitions lenses help with blue light? We offer Transitions VII, Vantage, and EXTRActive, as well as Transitions DriveWear.
  • Same great frame selection.
  • And much more!

Get 20% off of the lenses for your first order! Use this code:  MOJORX4ME

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