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Steampunk / Goth

eyeballmodel.jpg CYBER Eyeball Silver with 60% Mojo BluBlock Grey Lenses

Not your parents reading glasses. Our CYBER line of steampunk and goth frames are perfect for those looking for a bit of fun on the wild side. Some of these styles may look familiar to you as similar styles have been used in some popular Sci-Fi and Vampire movies. We think they are readiculously cool.

Our CYBER frames are available with many options-

  • As single vision readers, with or without AR coating.
  • As No-Power or single vision Reading Power Steampunk Sunglasses.
  • As Bifocals with clear or custom tinted lenses (even sun), or with AR coating.

Steampunk - Goth styles are very hard to find in Rx quality and we are proud to offer them.

[This is an imported line from HiTek Alexander Designs in Great Britain, and we have limited inventory. If you want something that is currently sold out you can pre-order it. In those cases, delivery is from 2 to 4 weeks.]