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Cat Eye Glasses


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Modern Cat Eye Glasses

Cat eye glasses are not about the shape but about the attitude. The classic cat eyed glasses have pointy, up-lifted eye shapes that look fun and nerdtastic at the same time.    

Our Cat Eye Glasses -Readers with Cattitude.

These pointy style eyeglass frames became popular in the 1950's because it was believed by those in the fashion industry at the time that this shape tended to give the wearer a virtual face-lift. I am not exactly sure what "gay colors" were at the time, but this black and white Harlequin ad really sells it. I like how she is pointing at the points...


Popular film stars like Marilyn Monroe and Lauren Bacall made them a go-to shape for women all over the world. Cat eye glasses could be sexy, elegant, or studious depending I think, on whether or not there was a eyeglass chain attached to them.


Monroe and Bacall with Cattitude!


Today's' cat eye glasses styles are a bit less pointy and less tilted, which I believe, is a better look for most women. We think that we have some of the best cat eye glasses for reading to be found. Check them out!