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Readers with Sunglass Clip-ons

This is our collection of frames that come with clip-on sunglasses.

Clip on sunglasses are a great alternative to sunglasses readers in that you get a two-fer! You get a fantastic pair of reading glasses and a set of magnetic clip-on sunglasses designed specifically for that frame! Unlike other clip-ons, these are frame and clips made as a set. There are very powerful magnets in both the frame and the sunglass clip that lock together very tightly. They are extremely easy to put on. Just hold the clip-on close to the frame and they just snap right on!

All of the clip-on sun lenses are polarized. And of course, you get our top quality reading lenses included in the price. You can choose from no power, (0.00 Plano) to +4.00 in either eye. You can also opt for any of our 4 blue block AR coatings on the reading lenses.

You also get:

  • FREE! A hard shell eyeglass case and a case for the clip-ons
  • FREE! A complimentary cleaning cloth and eyeglass cleaner!
  • FREE! Shipping USA!

NEW! We also offer a line of clip-ons that you can get for your eyeglasses. They are all available with our Mojo BluBlock lens options. Check out our RGE Shade Control selection.