Budget Blue Block Readers

Budget BluBlock Readers - Affordable Blue Light Protection.

A small collection of frames priced with blue block lenses from $29-$39. Mix and match and save! Any style, power, lens option. Discounts are applied in your shopping cart.

Our Budget Blue Block Glasses include:

Want more choices? We offer over 1000 frame styles with many more lens options than what is available here:

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Budget Blue Block Readers - Included Lens Options:

BluBlock Type UV/HEV Total Blue Light
Mojo BluBlock AR 50%+ 25%+
Apex BluBlock AR-T 64%+ 36%+
Mojo BluBlock Night Yellow Tint 100% 42%
Mojo BluBlock Day Amber Tint 100% 44%
Mojo BluBlock Day Tan Tint 100% 59%
Mojo BluBlock Day Brown 20 Tint 100% 48%
Mojo BluBlock Therapy Orange Tint 100% 74%
BPI 500/550 CR39 Orange-Red Tint 100% 100-150%