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Bifocal Reading Glasses


Bifocal Reading Glasses- With Options!

Bifocal reading glasses are designed to offer you two fields of vision. There is zero power in the top and reading at the bottom. Our Bifocal Reading Glasses have a 28mm line. Bifocal readers offer a full field of vision and with an optional anti-reflective coating or tint, cut glare. Our bifocal reading glasses are available clear with no add-ons, or with our regular Mojo AR anti-reflective coating for cutting reflections. (+2.00 is on back order!) Or you can opt for a tint including our Mojo BluBlock Tints.

We also offer Computer Bifocals They have a power of about half of your up-close power in the top of the lens, and your reading (up-close) power in the bottom. For anybody that needs that little extra plus power for intermediate tasks.

BTW- If you find a frame style that you like on our site, but do not see it in our Bifocal Reading Glasses or Computer Bifocals categories, you can fill out this very short request form and we will make it happen.