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BluBlock Clip-Ons

BluBlock Clip-Ons : RGE Shade Control Clip-On Shades come in 14 shapes, 3 frame colors, and a multitude of sizes. Lenses: Plano zero power polycarbonate with scratch resistant coating and UV400. Lens Options: Mojo BluBlock Tints are included in the price. Mojo BluBlock AR and Apex BluBlock AR-T are $5.00 additional.

USES: Example 1: These are a great option for people that want blue light protection on their existing eyeglasses. (Like progressive users.)

USES: Example 2: Dual use reading glasses. Get a pair of our reading glasses (or prescription glasses) with a Mojo BluBlock AR Coating and get a Clip-On with a Mojo BluBlock Tint. Use the Clip-On with tinted lenses for when you need them.*

FIND THE RIGHT SIZE AND SHAPE: *This is a Do-It-Yourself method for finding the right Clip-On. We do not do this for you. If you order glasses from us, make sure you like the glasses and then find the Clip-On that will work for you.

There is a fitting chart for each shape and size that you can use to find a clip-on that will fit your frame. Find the clip shape that is similar to your frame shape. Print out the Fitting Chart and place your eyeglasses face down on the best size. These are special order and take about 2 weeks. They are not returnable for refund so you need to choose the size and shape carefully!


  • Concealed spring bridge allows the clip-on to spread apart to fit the glasses. Looks nice too.
  • Stainless steel frame.
  • Adjustable hooks. (Requires needle nose pliers or an Optician to adjust.) 
  • Nice hard shell case included:


Here is a quick reference chart for the shapes and the sizes they come in. For more detailed instructions click the image or go here.