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Retro Reading Glasses

Modern versions of classic retro styles-

Very Retro Reading Glasses

Really Retro

What defines the retro in retro reading glasses?

It depends on exactly how retro you want to get. I mean, are we talking 1700's retro or 1970's retro? Most men now days do not want to look like Ben Franklin, (even though, in his day he was very popular with the ladies.)

Ben Franklin Ladies Man

And even if you are a grandmother, you don't necessarily want to be seen wearing grannie glasses. You want to make a fashion statement. You don't want people thinking, when they see your reading glasses, "WOW!, How 1700's (or 1950's) Retro you look! We have lots of new remakes of some classic retro styles. Our retro reading glasses styles are updated for the 21st century.

Four Pairs of Retro Reading Glasses

Some retro styles are more desirable than others.

1950's Glasses1960's RetroModern Retro reading Glasses

We have found some neo-retro-ish reading glasses that meet the retro standard but won't make you look old. If anything they will make you look and feel young and sexy, just like Ben.~:

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(For those of you that are interested in vintage eyewear, and I mean real vintage eyewear, I suggest you check out They have a collection of true vintage (circa 1600's+ !), antique eyewear. It is an amazing selection. My favorite stuff is from the 19th century 'sliding temples' collection. You have to call for pricing.)