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Special Lenses - New Shamir and Blutech Prescription Lenses!

Posted by Steve Mower on

Our new Special Lenses category now includes 2 prescription lenses!

We created our Special Lenses category to solve 2 issues. 

The first issue was our ability to offer Bifocal and Computer Bifocal Reading Glasses in a wider range of frames. What we had was a category for each with a few dozen frame styles to choose from. Creating individual bifocal and computer bifocal reading glasses was extremely time consuming and impractical. Now you can choose from hundreds of frame styles!

The second issue was that we had no good way to offer other lens types that fall outside of our regular lens options.


1. Bifocal and Computer Bifocal Reading Lenses - Lined bifocals are only $10.00. We also have a new line-free progressive computer bifocal, Mojo GP Wide, which is $60.00. AR and blue block tints are optional.

2. Plano/Zero Power Lenses - The only lens so far is the Blutech Indoor Plano lenses with Super Hydro AR for $95.00.

3. Prescription Single Vision Lenses - The prescription lens power range we offer is very wide with some exceptions, blue block AR and Transitions. (There is a gap in what is available in "stock" powers from the lens manufacturers.) On the frame page you can order single vision prescription lenses with tints and AR options but there are limits to the powers available. These lenses are more expensive as they are not "stock" but rather custom made to a huge range of powers.


Blutech Indoor Single Vision Prescription Lenses - AR Coatings optional.

Shamir Attitude 2 Blue Zero Single Vision Prescription Lenses - If you want the best in blue block AR lenses, this is for you. Digital lenses made in any single vision lens prescription. Blue Zero filter built in. Options include both Transitions and AR coatings. Combine AR coatings and Transitions how you like to provide the best glare/ blue light protection for you.  

HOW IT WORKS - Instead of selecting your lens options on the frame page, you add just the frame to your cart and then add the lenses from our Special Lenses category.

  1. Shop All Reading Glasses and find a frame that you like. It needs to be a full-rim frame. 
  2. Choose zero power for each eye and select no add-ons or lens options.
  3. Add the frame to your cart.
  4. Next, click Special Lenses at the top pf our site and select your lenses. You can choose the lens options on those pages.

We will be expanding our offerings on this page as they come available. If you have questions please Contact Us!

Please visit our Special Lenses page for details.

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