New! ZenSpex Blue Light Eyewear

Posted by Steve Mower on 15th Nov 2018

Premium eyewear for men and women with ZenSpex AR lenses.

Balanced Blue Light Eyewear.

We have just released our ZenSpex blue light glasses. ZenSpex AR lenses block 80% of HEV blue light while allowing beneficial blue light through to your eyes. (ZenSpex AR was formerly called Mojo BluBlock 1.6 AR.)

The lenses are clear and very thin 1.6 high index and come with a great scratch coating and hydrophobic coating that make them easier to keep clean.

You can choose zero power or reading powers from +0.25 to +4.00.

The frames are premium quality in hand made acetate and TR90 most with spring hinges for flexibility.

They are package priced from $80.00 to $90.00 and come with a very nice folding hard case, cleaning cloth, and 1oz. bottle of SeeGreen eyeglass cleaner.

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