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Posted by Steve Mower on 31st Jul 2017

Since 2010 we have been offering prescription single vision lenses here at Many customers have expressed their interest in other types of prescription lenses like progressives, and specialty bifocals. is here! We are offering many of the same frame styles you find here, but with the ability to get the latest digitally designed prescription lenses that address modern day problems. This exciting lens selection includes:

Digital Progressive Lenses

Mojo Digital and Mojo Digital Advanced HD - Two affordable digital progressives that offer wide visual fields. Our Mojo Polycarbonate material will be available with our Mojo BluBlock Tints and cosmetic tints.

Varilux Comfort Drx - State-of-the-art digital progressives with Smart Blue Filter (SBF) built in that filters ~20% of HEV blue light.

Shamir InTouch - Free Form Digital progressives designed with tablet and cell phone users in mind. The reading area is built in differently allowing for easier up-close reading without neck strain. So far, 2 materials will have Zero Blue built in which filter ~20% of HEV blue light.

Digital No-Line Bifocals

The Shamir Duo Bifocals have no lines! They look great and provide better vision than traditional lined bifocals! You can order them as regular bifocals or as computer bifocals.

Special Single Vision Lenses

The Shamir Relax and the Eyezen+ are digital single vision lenses for distance vision but they have a small bump in plus power at the bottom of the lenses to help with up close reading. These are for early presbyopes and heavy cell phone and tablet users.

Occupational Work Space and Computer Progressives

We will have to great solutions for people that need correction for work environments. The first is the Shamir Workspace which offers a clear, wide field of vision from about 10 feet away to up close reading. 

The second is the Shamir Computer which offers a very wide field of vision from about 5 feet away to up close.

Blue Block Lenses

The lenses we will be offering are designed to address certain issues. One of these issues is CVS, blue light, and glare. Our lens selection includes lens materials that filter HEV blue light and there are going to be options like blue block AR coatings and blue block tints. As the lens manufacturers release more of these products we will be adding them. 

Lens Options

Many of our lenses will be offered with options like Transitions VII, Vantage, and EXTRActive and various high quality AR coatings. Bluetech, Transitions Drivewear, and Polarized lenses too!

Frame Try-on and Remote PD & Fitting Measurements

Because these lenses require accurate fitting measurements we have found a great way to get these measurements remotely with the benefit that you get to try the frames on! Currently available to U.S. customers only.

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