Mojo BluBlock AR

Posted by Steve Mower on 12th Dec 2014

Introducing Mojo BluBlock AR!

Mojo BluBlock AR is our new premium anti-reflective coating with a built in filter that blocks out unwanted blue light (Near UV-A) from computer screens, iPads and tablets. There is no tint in the lenses. They are super clear aspheric polycarbonate and include scratch resistance and a hydrophobic coating that makes them easy to clean.

How to get it: see these categories-

Computer Reading Glasses - The Mojo BluBlock AR is available as an upgrade. Our computer reading glasses include our premium AR coating but now you can upgrade to BluBlock for only $20.00!

Blue Block Reading Glasses - Our blue block reading glasses are available with either our Mojo BluBlock Tint in 3 different colors or our new Mojo BluBlock AR at an additional $25.00. We cannot combine tint and AR!

We will introduce Mojo BluBlock AR as an option in some of our other products in the near future.