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Progressive Reading Glasses

What are progressive reading glasses? Well, to begin with, progressive lenses are mutifocal lenses in that they provide a correction at the top of the lens and a reading correction at the bottom. There is a progression of power from the top to the bottom and there are no visible lines like bifocals or trifocals have.

As an Optician, I know that progreesives need to be fit and manufactured for each specific patient otherwise they simply will not work.*

Now, I have done a lot of research into pre-made progressive reading glasses. Rhonda and I felt that it would be nice to offer some kind of pre-made progressive magnifiers specifically for computer use. With computer use, the power at the top of the lens would be about half of the total reading power at the bottom. (ex. +.50 top/ +1.00 bottom) They would be simple magnifiers designed for a specific purpose.

As it turns out we were able to find a company that sells these types of pre-made eyeglases for computer use. They do not require the fitting measurements that are needed with regular custom made progressives because the reading "channel" is very wide. Unfortunately, there are 2 problems. One is that the manufacturer only sells them to Doctors as "fitting sets" and two, they really look stupid. As Rhonda said, "They are not anywhere close to being readiculously cool."

So until someone comes up with a good solution, we wont be offering pre-made progressive reading glasses.

* I cannot tell you how many times people have come in to our stores and complained that the progressives they bought online weren't working. Apparently there are sites that sell $29.00 progressives and do not take measurements for them. I will say this only once, if you need progressives, get good ones and get measured by a good Optician. Unless you like to throw your money away.

Just FYI- We sell lots of single vision computer reading glasses. Its a great collection and they all come with Anti-reflective coatings. Select your reading power for up-close vision, or select a power that is about half of your up-close reading power for computer use. Check it out!

NEW!- Check out our ComputerEyed Bifocal Reading Glasses. Computer power in the top and Reading Power in the bottom. They are not progressives but they actually work. (The line in the lens is an extremely subltle one.) It has a gentle curve that hels to hide it. The lenses all come with a light tint and AR coating. Really Cool!

NEWER! Just added! Bifocal Reading Glasses! Available clear or with a custom tint!

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