Mojo BluBlock Tints and Rose Color Glasses


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About Our Lens Tints

April here! This all about lens tints, tint depths, and what they do...

Wiktionary defines the saying, "rose colored glasses" as: "An optimistic perception of something; a positive opinion; seeing something in a positive way, often thinking of it as better than it actually is."

There are songs that have been written about rose colored glasses for goodness sake. Not blue tinted, not brown, but rose!

Our pink and blue tints are cosmetic tints in that they offer a nice look but they do not block blue light like our Mojo BluBlock Amber, Brown and Grey. Our pink tint is consistantly popular for both women and men. It does increase contrast and looks cool too. Many folks get rose tinted lenses with no power at all!

Many musicians like the blue tint in more intense depths like 45% and even 60% for the 'cool' factor, but most folks go with a light 15%.

Each lens tint is different and they do different things. Here are a few of my tips on selecting tint colors and tint depths-


Tint Colors and Depths-


Pink- Pink, or rose tints offer better contrast and have a warm feel to them. As you go from light 15-30% tints to 45-60% the pink color gets more rose-like.

Blue- Blue tints are the opposite of pink. They do not provide better contrast but do give you a 'cool' feeling like you're playing bass in a dub-reggae band in a ganja filled room in a small night club in Portland...Or something like that. 


For nightime, night and daytime, and daytime use. All 3 of our Mojo BluBlock Tints filter blue light. Each color does different things. 

Amber Mojo BluBlock- An amber tint color that filters the nefarious blue light rays and provides great contrast. Best for nighttime reading- Tablets/ iPad and cell phone use. Best at a 15% or 30% tint depth.

Brown Mojo BluBlock- provides you with good contrast and looks cool. They tend to blend better with most everyones' skin tones so don't stand out as much as blue or pink or amber. Great for sunglasses, especially for driving. (Please do not wear reading glasses while driving!) Good for indoor use at 15% nighttime, 30% daytime. Outdoors you would want 45%-60% as sunglasses.

Grey Mojo BluBlock- Great for outdoor reading and sunglasses at 30 to 60% depth. Grey tint provides great glare reduction and since grey is so neutral (It's light black, really) it goes with everything. Note that grey does not improve contrast.  If you are light sensitive, grey works well indoors, but for nighttime use the amber is much more effective especially with hand held devices.

Want to know more about the problems with blue light? Go to Monitor Glasses and Blue Block.


As tint depths get deeper they filter more light and get more intense in color. A 15% tint looks different in color than does a 60% tint. Colors deepen and get darker. As they go deeper:

Pink becomes rose or magenta.

Blue becomes indigo.

Brown becomes greyer.

Grey becomes blacker.

Amber becomes dark gold or orange.



Mojo BluBlock Reading Glasses - Powers from zero to +4.00 in either eye with a 15% Mojo BluBlock Tint available in amber, brown or gray.

Tinted Reading Glasses - Powers from zero to +4.00 in either eye. All 3 Mojo BluBlock tints are an option from 15 to 60% tint depth as well as non-blue block pink and blue.

Bifocal Reading Glasses - No power at the top and the same power each eye at the bottom from +1.00 to +3.00. All 3 Mojo BluBlock tints are an option from 15 to 60% tint depth as well as non-blue block pink and blue.

Computer Bifocals - Arms' length computer power at the top with up-close reading power at the bottom. You can either get these with an AR Anti-reflective coating to cut computer glare or our Mojo BluBlock in amber or brown in a 15% or 30% tint depth.

Also- We have recently added our tint options to all of our regular reading glasses. 

By the way, if you want a blue block lens without tint, we now offer our new Mojo BluBlock AR anti-reflective coating! Find out more!

Whether you just want a cool look or are looking to solve some problems with glare and blue-light, we have you covered!

Optimistically yours,