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Funny Eyeglasses

Welcome to Reading Glasses's Fun Stuff Pages!

Funny eye glasses -Here is where the fun is- Feel free to explore our world of weird. Remember that you too can contribute to the weirdness~ we really appreciate it!

First off, let me just say that the incredible amount of contributions to these pages so early in our development as a website, has happily surprised us. I mean, we are barely just on-line and I am still reading through the contributions! From Rhonda and I, Thanks a lot!

If you want to contribute your brilliant and readiculous ideas, simply go to any of the pages below and follow the instructions on those pages. It is simple and secure. We do not and will not share your info with anyone, so share your fun stuff with the rest of us! Enjoy!

Top 10 (and climbing!) Reasons You Need Reading Glasses

It's not the end of the world as you know it! -Just clearer up close!

Read the lists, and then you can contribute your own lists- (It doesnt have to be 10) and even upload a funny eyeglasses picture too, if you want.

you-need-glasses-bannana-phone (29K)

Caption the Weird and Funny Eyeglasses Pictures

Weird eyeglass pics from the world wide tubes. Sit back and stare at these strange images and believe me, after 2 minutes, you will either come up with something really funny, or well, not.

Eyeglasses-Gone-Wild (65K)

Become a Master of READING-FU with help from 10th Dan Master 'The Fly'

My reading master killed your reading master!

10thdan-reading-master-the-fly (54K)

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